So I'm not great at the community thing...

So I’ve been building this game (music, art, programming, systems, everything) since December 2021… almost exclusively evenings and some weekend mornings, and it’s been fun, but it’s also time to finish it up. My wife won’t let me release it completely free given how much time I have spent… I mean, it’s basically been a part-time job, but I’m also fairly confident that it’ll never make much money… mostly because I’m really bad at the community thing and telling people to buy my game or wish-list or whatever. I think it’s fun; my kid thinks it’s fun; everyone who has done any play testing for me has sort of disappeared into the game, so that’s something, right? I set up Steam and Itch months ago, because that’s what I was supposed to do, but then I let them languish. I’m bad at this!!

But I’ve really loved building this game and forcing myself to wrap it up makes me a little sad, but I can’t keep pushing release dates back and tacking on features.

Anyway, the greater point is I’m bad at community, but I’ll try with regular posts here and probably only here and semi-regular updates on Steam, but I don’t use Facebook, barely use Twitter, and I’m too old for everything else. But I like Itch, and I like Leaf, so I’ll give it a-go here.

Thanks for reading.

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Actually the two systems I didn’t build myself are the save system and particles, which are both asset store assets. Just setting the record straight.

(I tried building the save system myself and had something pretty good, but I felt it wasn’t quite robust enough.)