The Analog Sound...

I’ve taken special care with the music in Skeeter’s Grid, and a common sound motif is the classic analog synthesizer. I love it. I use it everywhere. It sounds great.

But unfortunately, up until now, I haven’t had a true analog synth. That Moog-like sound is actually just an Ableton instrument… but a really good one, and I had been planning on just sticking with it for Skeeter’s Grid and waiting to go true analog for my next game.

But what can I say? I jumped the gun.

I can’t justify going full eurorack, and I was feeling shy about Moog prices, but I did find a great semi-modular synth called the East Beast. This thing has a truly glorious oscillator, and the filter is to die for–but without some reverb or modulation it sounds a little flat, so I picked up a Korg NTS-1, which has a great set of effects for such a small unit (I mean, it’s Korg!) Anyway, these two really make for a killer pair. I’ve already patched them into one of my Skeeter’s Grid songs and am contemplating doing the same for the others… if I have time.

But I really should be finishing up my levels. I imagine, in the end, this exploration will benefit my next game more than Skeeter’s Grid. By then, maybe I’ll be splurging for a Moog DFAM too.

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