Introducing Skeeter's Grid

Today I released Skeeter’s Grid as early access, which is sort of exciting. (Right?)

The background here is that in the early days of the pandemic, I started learning gamedev as a way to keep me and my son busy. This involved learning Unity, then Unreal, then back to Unity, with plenty of Blender along the way. My son has settled into using RPG Maker, but I started fiddling with a puzzle concept that would become Skeeter’s Grid in January of 2021. This was, at first, an Unreal game, but I transitioned it into Unity for workflow preferences that I may post about later (but I’ve never been completely comfortable with this decision and am leaving my options open for my next project).

But I’ve never second-guessed my decision to use Blender. That is a seriously wonderful piece of software and will be the cornerstone of everything I do going forward.

Anyway, I plan to have Skeeter’s Grid completely finished by December of 2022, and I think this is plenty doable.

Skeeter’s Grid is a personal project and something I have loved building.

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