Skeeter's Grid 0.3.0-early_access is available

This is a major early access update that includes new levels, UI tweaks, bug-fixes, and some endgame scaffolding.

  • AI Core work (for endgame)
  • 0.4.0 levels included (though the dialog / story is largely incomplete)
  • Bug fix in which Skeet’s death could lock up the game in some scenarios
  • Core indicators added to main UI
  • Juice count is now dependent on unique cores found (Skeet’s and others) rather than completing entire collectables (though max juice is still capped at 15)
  • 0.3.0 levels not properly tested during the last EA release have gotten a fresh round of testing (and fixes added)
  • Goals system refactored

Files 950 MB
Version 0.3.0-early_access Sep 11, 2022

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